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Income Tax Policies

Revenu Québec

Concerning provincial tax declaration, Please consult Revenu Québec.

International postdoctoral fellows may be eligible for provincial tax exemption. To verify their eligibility, postdoctoral fellows may visit the Web site of the Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement supérieur.

Canada Revenue Agency

The 2010 Federal Budget of March 4th explicitly removed the exemption for postdoctoral fellowship scholarships. It now restricts tax exemptions to scholarships awarded to candidates for the Ph.D. and other formal degrees.

The postdoctoral fellows holding a scholarship therefore pays taxes to the federal Government. For more information: Canada Revenue Agency’s Web site.

It is important to note that, regarding tax collecting, the Université de Montréal does not withhold taxes at source on scholarships during the tax year. You must therefore make savings for tax payment purposes on scholarship revenue.

Income Tax Declaration

The Université de Montréal and the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies are not authorized to act as advisors with regard to tax policies of both federal and Provincial governments or your income tax declaration. We invite you to contact directly the revenue agencies web sites: