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Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

Through strategic leadership and in collaboration with the university community, develop graduate and postdoctoral studies to offer new generations of students the opportunity to acquire and create cutting-edge knowledge, refine their expertise and deploy their creativity, enabling them to become decision-makers competent to meet current and future societal challenges in innovative ways.

Our Objectives

As part of the 2021-2025 ESP strategic planning exercise, a consultation process enabled us to identify 3 main objectives broken down into 10 strategies:

1. Increase perseverance and graduation rate in graduate programs

1.1 Adopt an integrated funding policy for all students enrolled in graduate research programs

1.2 Optimize the supervision and academic path of students in graduate research programs

1.3. Preserve the mental health of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

2. Ensure better integration of our students and postdoctoral fellows into the labour market

2.1 Promote the role of our graduates outside the University

2.2 Optimize the alignment of our programs with societal needs

2.3 Develop transferable skills among our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

2.4 Promote the professional integration of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

3. Optimize and diversify the recruitment pool of our students and postdoctoral fellows

3.1 Effectively attract the best candidates for graduate studies and postdoctoral fellowships

3.2 Facilitate the graduate admission process

3.3 Select the right students in the right programs