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What is a Co-Advisorship

The objective of the co-advisorship program is to support scientific cooperation between research teams and their peers in a foreign or Canadian university by promoting mobility among doctoral students.

The co-advisorship is the sharing, by Université de Montréal and another higher educational institution, of the responsibility of providing academic training and supervision to a doctoral student. With this purpose in mind, partner institutions develop a joint academic program, with two research supervisors, one at Université de Montréal and the other in the partner university, to effectively supervise the student in question.

Ph.D. candidates do their course work and research, partially at the partner institution and partially at Université de Montréal. They write a single thesis, that they defend before a committee at UdeM or at the partner university.

Students from another university who wish to write their thesis under a co-advisorship will find useful information on the Web site of their home institution.