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Admission Process

The Training or Research intern is registered by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS). This status allows him to be supervised by a professor at the UdeM, and to have access to libraries, IT services and Health Insurance coverage after payment of the required fees.


The Admission Process

1. Fill an admission application form.

Students who need help to understand the French terms and to complete the admission application form may download the bilingual document (French/English)

For each term, your online application must be submitted before the deadline indicated below. If your application date is later than those shown between the brackets, your admission application will be considered for the next term.

  • Winter term : March 15 (January 1st to April 30)
  • Summer term : July 15 (May 1st to August 31)
  • Fall term : November 15 (September 1st to December 31)

Foreign students should expect to wait three to six months before obtaining a work visa and follow all of the procedures related to their stay in Québec.

2. Upload the required documents to your Student Centre (consult the Training or Research intern guide)

If you experience problems with the upload process, please refer to the Admission’s website:

3. Pay the admission fees.

4. File review: File review is under the responsibility of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

5. Letter of admission or refusal : Candidates receive an admission letter or a refusal letter in their « Centre étudiant » (Student Center)

N.B. For more information on admission, registration and fees, please consult the Training or Research intern Guide or communicate with the contact person for Training or Research interns.