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/ Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

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General Provisions

Research Supervisors

Ph.D. candidates do their coursework and research under the direction of thesis supervisors from the two partner institutions. These institutions must show that a collaboration has already been established, through the production of research and co-authorships of publications, through the co-organization of colloquia, seminars and conferences, etc.

Program of Study

The research supervisors specifically set out the doctoral student’s program of study (course requirements, courses and seminars, written and oral exam procedures for the comprehensive exam), and the residency period in each institution.

Doctoral candidates are required to satisfy the academic requirements and to comply with the two institutions’ academic regulations. At Université de Montréal, doctoral candidates must successfully pass the courses in which they register and the comprehensive examination, and then write a thesis based on the academic regulations and the procedures in effect at the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.


The completion of the thesis is followed by a single defence, at UdeM or at the partner university, before a committee of researchers appointed in equal numbers by the two participating institutions. This committee necessarily includes the two thesis supervisors and an external member, sometimes two, from an institution other than the two participating institutions.

The protection of the thesis topic as well as the publication, application and protection of the research findings are subject to the regulation in effect in each country participating in the co-advisorship. Provisions related to the protection of intellectual property rights may be included in an appendix to the co-advisorship agreement.


At the completion of their doctoral studies, Ph.D. candidates are granted a Ph.D. diploma from Université de Montréal and from the partner institution. The wording of each official document makes reference to the collaboration of the partner institution and the co-advisorship.