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The Importance of Registering at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)

 Registering as a postdoctoral fellow provides you with several advantages.

  • An identification number (matricule) to receive your earnings (SPE) and allow you to identify yourself to academic and governmental units;
  • An official certification, upon request, of your registration from GPS;
  • Access to UdeM libraries and to the computer and technological services of the UdeM (Technologies de l’information (TI));
  • Notification of possible scholarships and other important information;
  • A postdoctoral fellow’s ID card.  

Registration at GPS

Once you obtain an admission letter from GPS, you will be registered for the duration of your fellowship. An international postdoctoral fellow must provide GPS with the original of his work permit in order to complete his registration. The duration of the fellowship cannot exceed the duration of the work permit.

After your registration, you may create an institutional email account with your identification number and your UNIP, and have access to the IT services and obtain a library card.

It is very important to activate your UNIP. By doing so, your personal information becomes available in UdeM’s databases and consequently, all information with regards to you will be accessible to the relevant services.

In order to guide you during your postdoctoral fellowship, a one pager is available on the publication page of this Website.