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Doctoral Level Programs

Doctoral level programs lead either to the degree of Doctor (D.) or Philosophiæ doctor (Ph. D.), the highest degree in the hierarchy of university degrees. They prepare candidates for the job market or for postdoctoral studies.

Ph.D. Degree

This program comprises 90 credits essentially attributed to research, a general comprehensive examination, the writing of a thesis and its defense before a jury.

The research profile enables students to acquire the methods necessary to independently conduct an original scientific research project. This program may be followed by postdoctoral studies.

At the end of this program, students receive the designation of Philosophiæ Doctor (Ph. D.).

In the professional profile, students continue a specialty that was initiated at the master’s level. The program includes practicum and a research component focused on advancing the profession or developing certain practices.

This program leads to the degree of Doctor (D.).

Duration : 3 to 5 years full-time.
Degree : Ph.D.

Doctoral programs by field of study