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Eligibility Conditions

To be eligible for postdoctoral fellow status, you must:

  • have received, within the past five years, a research-based Ph.D. or have similar academic training (for example a professional degree in a biomedical field + research intership);

  • have received a favorable recommendation from the professor in charge of the fellowship and from the chair of the academic or research unit in question;

  • have a scholarship or be paid by the supervisor or by the academic unit in order to carry out a full-time research period, which normally cannot exceed 3 years from the first registration.

N.B. Individuals having earned their required degree in the preceding ten years may exceptionally be eligible for postdoctoral candidate status if they can justify the additional number of years with specific career interruption. For more information see the Policy on the status of postdoctoral candidate (French version only).

Online Admission Application

In order to register as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Université de Montréal, you should 

(i)  Identify your postdoctoral program on the program list

(ii) Inquire about the admission fees you will have to pay after completing your Online Admission Application

(iii) Complete the Online Admission Application Form

(iv) Send the required documents mentioned below to Graduate Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).

Note : Postdoctoral fellows who need help to understand French terms and to complete the Admission Application Form may download this bilingual document

Required documents for admission application:

  •  Identity document (certified copy both sides or original) : 
    • A birth certificate if you are born in Canada;

    • A citizenship card and of your passport if you are a Canadian citizen born abroad;

    • A permanent resident card and of your passport if you are a permanent resident;

    • A passport if you are a foreigner. 

  • Ph.D. degree (original or certified copy) or proof/certification of obtaining your Ph.D. degree;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Letter of invitation from the supervisor
  • Acceptance form signed by your supervisor and the chair of the academic or research unit

Submission of the Required Documents

After submitting your online application form, you will receive an email providing you with a matricule (usually consisting of eight digits), a temporary login (in the form “p◌◌◌◌◌◌◌”) and PIN (UNIP) to access your UdeM portal and Student Center (Centre étudiant). With this information, you will be able to up- load the required document. For the uploading procedure, please watch this video and visit the Admission website. If you are unable to upload your documents, these should be sent in PDF format to the fol- lowing address:

Documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a translation into French or English certified by the consulate of the country of origin or by a member of l’Ordre des traducteurs terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec.

Admission Fees

Admission fees are required for postdoctoral fellow’s online admission application. Fees should be paid online with a credit card.

Identification Number and Personal Identification Number (UNIP)

Once your online admission application is completed, you receive a login and a temporary password (UNIP) which enables you to connect to your student center «Centre étudiant». As soon as you are admitted to your postdoctoral program, you will be able to view your admission letter in your «Centre étudiant». Your UdeM Identification Number (matricule) will be provided in your admission letter.

For any questions regarding your UNIP, please contact the Registrar's Office