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Maternity Leaves Scholarships for Doctoral Students

The GPS offers at least three scholarships of $4,000 each session.


Be registered full-time in the doctoral program when application is submitted;

Being due between :

  • January 1st and April 30th – winter
  • May 1st and August 31th – summer
  • September 1er and Decembre 31 st – autumn

The student or the other parent must not receive any benefits for parental leave from Quebec Parental Insurance Plan nor from any granting agency (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, FRQNT, FRQSC, FRSQ).

Required documents:

The application file contains the following documents:

  • The form;
  • A brief CV;
  • A medical certificate stating the due date of the applicant. 


Applications should be sent before April, to the date in the annual calendar of scholarships’ competition.

Scholarship Office
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
2910, Edouard-Montpetit Blvd, Office 226
Phone: 514 343-1546 

Fill the application form